frequently asked questions

Should I tip the instructor and assistant?



  • Tipping tells the instructor and assistants they did a great job! Tips are always appreciated. Jill Roberts splits tips with her assistant, then  donates her half to the Manzanita Ranch horses. 

How long is the typical painting class?


  • Generally we request 3 hours to complete 1 painting from start to finish.  
  • Best to have your guests arrive an hour earlier for your social mingling while the instructor sets up for the class. 

Can I complete the painting if I have no artistic ability?


  •  Yes!  Our classes are designed for both the inexperienced and experienced student!  
  • We demonstrate step-by-step how to mix your paint and apply it to your canvas.  Experienced artists will have the freedom to add their own artistic flair. 

We have a venue where we'd like to have you bring your classes. Are you available?


  • Yes. Let's talk. This is a great opportunity to bring more people into your venue.
  • We work exclusively with venues who have a marketing budget, social media following and a mailing list for best results.


May I bring a non-painting guest or child to the event?


  • Our classes are designed for each student to have fun but focus on the class. 
  • We are generally at full capacity or have very limited seating so unfortunately we cannot allow non-participating guests to attend. 
  • Be respectful to the other paying students by not bringing any distractions to the class. (All students must be 21 and over and have a valid I.D. if purchasing alcohol.)
  • For private parties, please ask your host. 

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What is your refund and cancellation policy?


  • 96 Hour minimum notice (4 days) to cancel attendance to a class is necessary to receive a full refund. Less than a 96 hour notice will forfeit your deposit because it is used to purchase supplies and hold your date. If you are unable to have your party AND give us 96 hour notice, you can switch the deposit to a different class. Please notify me in writing at or call 858-774-5855 to reschedule.
  • If a class is cancelled by us due to weather or other reason, you will be issued a full refund for the amount you have paid or you can transfer that payment to a different date. 
  • Please remember that seats are limited and we count on your reservation and attendance. 

What will we paint at my party?



  • You may select a painting from our portfolio of artwork, request a unique painting of your own choice or you can discuss options with your instructor. 
  • However, each class is designed for each of your guests to focus on producing the same piece of art.

When do you need the final headcount for a party?


  • For logistical purposes, we require a final headcount no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. 

What if I reserve an event for 10 people but only 9 attend?


If you arranged and contracted for the price break at 10 or more students, and less than 10 show up, you will still be responsible for the cost of the students who didn't show up at $38 each, or you can request a contract change to the $42pp for parties of 6-9 students. 

Can we use your classes as a Fundraiser?


  •  Yes. With proof of a legal non-profit organization, we can participate in your fundraising painting party. 
  • You will plan your own event, including theme, food, drinks, venue/location. 
  • Coordinate with our instructor on the painting you want to create. 
  • You will invite your students, pay for the amount of students you book at the discounted cost of $30 per student, turn in your headcount 48 hours prior to the class and pay full amount due at the party. 
  • You can charge your guests an amount above the $30 and keep that for your fundraiser.

More questions?

Call 858-774-5855